eric cantona

Well, I'd have sworn blind that David Beckham won the award this year, but it turns out he didn't. Let's hear it for Trevor Sinclair - the best goal ever that never gets shown on the telly these days. What an overhead kick! Better than Ibramhimovic's against England or Rooney's in the derby, in my opinion. Such a pity that it's in danger of being forgotten, yet Becks's halfway-line jobbie has been played virtually ad infinitum.

I'd have loved to have seen Juninho playing in a Premier League team higher up the table. Hard to believe he'd play in a side that got relegated. Also a surprise to see him score a header!

(Please remember that this is an off-air VHS recording, so don't go expecting 1080p HD quality. I'm fairly certain that this video isn't commercially available, and I've uploaded it for its historic interest only. That said, if you are a copyright holder and object, please don't hesitate to contact me.)

Manchester United v Liverpool
Manchester United 1-0 Liverpool
1996 FA Cup Final

Eric Cantona Goal