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Final, Wembley Stadium,
London, 10 May 1978, att 92000
Referee: Corver (Netherlands)

Liverpool: Clemence; Neal, Thompson, Hansen, Hughes;
McDermott, Kennedy, Souness; Case (Heighway), Fairclough,

Club Brugge KV: Jensen; Bastijns, Krieger, Leekens, Maes
(Volders); Cools, Decubber, Vandereycken, Ku (Sanders);
Simeon, Sorensen

Sylvester Stallone talks with Pele about their upcoming film, Escape to Victory during the 1980 Soccer Bowl half time.

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This is a 2015 FOX SPORTS Rebroadcast of the original 1999 ABC Broadcast with JP Dellacamara.

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Full title reads: "The North V South Cup Final. Meet Mr Herbert Chapman & his famous 'happy family' Team, Arsenal - 'the hope of the South'..."

Highbury Stadium, London.

Mr Herbert Chapman and members of the Arsenal squad. Mr Chapman is asked to introduce the team, but he says that he is so husky that he will get Tom Whittaker to introduce the team.
He introduces the team - Cliff Bastin, Alec James, ('Wee Alec, he's called'), Jack Lambert, Bob John, Herbert Roberts, Little Charlie Jones, Frank Moss (the Goal Keeper), David Jack, Joe Hulme, Tom Parker ('he's not so old as he looks by the way').

C/U Charlie Jones - he say he 'hopes we have a good game'.
C/U Herbert Roberts.
C/U Bob John - introduces himself for the benefit of those who aren't Welsh.
C/U Joe Hulme - says he hope after success in the cup he will be able to go to Middlesex and have as good a season at cricket.
C/U David Jack - 4th appearance at Wembley in the cup.
C/U Jack Lambert.
C/U Tom Parker (Captain)
C/U Frank Moss - say he would rather face Wembley than this (meaning the camera).
C/U Cliff Bastin
C/U Alec James - still worried about injury - if he's fit to play it will all be down to the hard work of the trainer.
C/U Edris Hapgood.
The Arsenal team line up and sing us a song. "All good pals and jolly good company."

End title reads: "See Newcastle United in next Edition!"
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Un genio, un mago, un lider simplemente Maradona

The Yellow Wall -- the beating heart of Borussia Dortmund. 25,000 fans who always give everything for their team -- energy, passion and fervour. This unique fanbase is part of what makes Borussia Dortmund strong. Experience the excitement of The Yellow Wall.

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When FC Barcelona won the 2009 Champions League with essentially a 4-3-3 formation featuring Lionel Messi as a 'false nine' (a withdrawn striker) much was written about Guardiola's tactical genius.

Of course, Pep didn't actually invent that system. Cruyff himself played as a false nine behind two wide strikers in the seventies for Ajax and Holland.

Here's a brilliant clip from 2004 in which Cruyff, with the help of a chalkboard, attempts to explain 'his' diamond formation.

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This compilation features Johan Cruyff owning hundreds of defenders.

Sebastiaan van de Water - 2007